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South Korea

Full Day – Guided Trout

Fly Fish for cherry trout in Korea’s high mountain trout streams for these landlocked beauties and streamborne, non-native rainbow trout. Ask us about  seasonal opportunities for chum salmon, searun dace and other amazing gamefish opportunities that exist in South Korea.

Multi Day Trips – Fly Fishing Two Day Overnight Fly Fishing Camp


Guided Full Day

Fly Fishing  Korea – Trout / Full Day

Full Day – Guided Flyfishing
 (1) Angler –  $490
 (2) Anglers –  $675

Fly Fishing Korea’s Creeks & Streams

Fly fishing in Korea means rugged mountain peaks, remote mountain creeks, and the thrilling surface strikes for the world’s smallest pacific salmon: the inland cherry salmon.

Guided fly fishing for cherry trout and streamborne non-native rainbow trout in South Korea’s northeastern provinces. Navigate the boulder gardens with your guide and work the pockets, runs, and riffles until that unmistakable strike from a cherry trout.

Once the hook is set and the rod arched over, you will know why these small but feisty cherry trout make up for their size in their brilliance of colors ranging from bronze, silver, or slightly bluish flanks. After the first bend in your rod, your curiosity only increases. What lay around the next creek bend?

Korea’s Trout Fishing Spots – Are there trout in Korea? Where can I find them? Apologies upfront. Due to the limited number of trout streams in Korea, we don’t provide maps for general inquiries.

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Fly Fishing Korea

How to Connect with your Guide

Bus & Rail Combo
Arrive Seoul’s Cheonho Station

Departing from other regions in Korea: Bus service may be a more convenient option Depending on your point of departure. Other options include a combination of bus + KTXOnce in Seoul, take the subway or a taxi to Cheonho Station. Pick-up times vary through the seasons.

Rental car
Outbound from anywhere – Car: Anglers with access to a private vehicle should set their navigation to Cheonho Metro Station. We will meet you there in the morning.

We strongly encourage you to consider using rail as a primary return option to avoid traffic jams on roadways leading to Seoul. The second best alternative is by limousine bus coaches. These buses can shave hours of travel compared to private cars.

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“Ran across this website and had a great day on the water. Overall the trip and details in planning really exceeded my expectations. I could have stayed an extra day if my schedule allowed. I hope to make the trip again next year. Highly reccomended guide service”

Steven Lee

“I’ve fished with many a fly fishing guide in my time. From Seychelles to Montana, from Cuba to New Zealand and back! I can simply say my guide Matt Awalt gives a traveling fly fishing addict the complete ‘fix’.

David Anchell

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Cherry Trout – Full Day

Small, colorful, and hard hitting trout with an anger problem sums up cherry trout fly fishing in South Korea. These sleek, bullet-shaped trout are in fact landlocked salmon that do have an instinct to migrate to the sea or large reservoirs. There is a local legend that many of the larger cherry trout caught in the early autumn are visiting the creek to spawn. These 15″ trout seem to come out of nowhere. Late August to September is our favorite time to enjoy cherry trout fly fishing only second to the great fly fishing in May through early July. 

Flyfish through Korea’s forested mountain corridors. Walk & Wade through emerald waters in search of the fabled cherry trout, petite chubs, and tenacious rainbow trout. An intrepid spirit coupled with a fair amount of patience is required to pursue these unique and vividly colored Asiatic trout.” 

Packlist Essentials

What to pack for this trip?

For the prepared angler, here is a suggested list of items to enhance your days afield in Korea. Your guide will provide the basics. We rent boots, rods.  reels, and tool kits.  If you are short on time and would like to purchase an inexpensive waders, we can pre-order from our supplier in Korea.

Rental Gear: We rent rods, reels, wet-wading socks, lanyard and tools at a daily rate / per angler. 

Flyfishing Rods

  • Rod #2 to #3 Cherry – Float
  • Rod #4 to #5 Bows – Float
  • Rod #5 to 6 Dace – Float / Sink
  • Rod #8 to #9  Single SH / Salmon
  • Rod #7-8 Spey DH / Skagit/ Salmon

Trout Terminal Tackle

  • 9ft-14ft Nylon leaders
  • Tippet 4X – 6X
  • Floatant / Sinkers
  • Dessicant for Dry Flies
  • Small Indicator (Airlock NZ)

Must have tools  

  • Line Cutter “nips”
  • Forceps + barb crusher
  • Amadou Drying patch (Orvis)
  • Hook Sharpening Hone


  • Drab colored clothes
  • Polarized Glasses
  • Cap or Hat (Drab color)
  • Warm hat “beanie”
  • Rain Jacket
  • Running leggings or shorts
  • Fleece Jacket
  • 2 pair of socks per day
  • Camp shoes or slippers

Wading Gear

  • Chest wader – Spring / Fall
  • Wet Wader Socks (Summer)
  • Studded Boots – Felt OK
  • Staff – Optional
Fly Fishing Korea

Prime Fly Fishing 

Spring, Early Summer and Autumn host the most productive fishing with an added bonus of Korea’s natural splendor in both spring and autumn. For these reasons, spring and autumn dates are also the most popular with clients and tend to book up quickly. Want to have a fish at a more relaxed pace?

Overnight fly fishing trip


The Creeks

Korean creeks are almost entirely freestone streambeds. Think of these creeks as stairsteps that lead up to a house high in the mountain valley. Most of the creek is  “pocket-water” caused by sharp bends, rocks, and boulders. There are very few straight sections of flowing water. Deep holes in the creek form pools that lead to another series of steps or more tumbling falls and more pocket water. Banks of the creek can be extremely steep resulting in limited entry and exit points. Fly fishers in Korea should be in moderate to good shape to ascend and decend the creek banks.


Flyfishing Strategy 

Dry fly fishing with light tippets on small rods in the #2-3 class is the preferred method of fishing for many and can be very productive. Visually, dry fly fishing is also the most exciting for the angler. The swirl and take of a large cherry trout can be spectacularly slow or sudden and violent. Either way, dry fly fishing can be a lot of fun. Remember to keep your fly riding high. Apply floatant as often as possible. If you can’t see it, you may as well be fishing an emerger. In our opinion it also requires the most skill and maintenance when compared to other fly fishing methods. There are several other ways that include suspension nymphing, Czech nymphing, micro-streamers, and of course the dry-dropper technique. You might be surprised to discover that sizes of flies that can be productive may vary from a size #12 to a size #24 or even smaller. Your guide will have an arsenal of proven patterns. More info on specific patterns in the Pre-Trip PDF  planner.


Cherry Salmon Oncorhynchus masou –  also called cherry trout. Native and Hybrid populations are found on the central and eastern zone of Korea’s Taebaek Mountain Range in the upper reaches of her freestone streams. Cherries are colorful elusive fish that are easily spooked. They are rarely observed feeding except in low light hours when insects are hatching. Prefers cold, clear, fast-flowing water near boulder gardens. Rods under 9″ in the 2wt-3wt class are effective outfits for casting in brushy corridors. Muted or camouflaged clothing is recommended when pursuing cherry trout on the fly rod. Takes can be aggressive and sudden on the surface. Light tippets 6X and suggested for chasing the emperors of Korea’s highland creeks. Any fish taken over 14″ is considered a trophy catch. Most fish are under 9 inches.

Pacific Redfin Dace Tribolodon brandtii might be the world’s only ocean going dance in the world. As a member of the carp (cyprinid) family, these fish are found throughout Far Eastern rivers including Korea, Japan, and parts of Russia’s Far East. Each spring these slender silvery dace arrive in schools of thousands of fish. While the fish are staging in the lower reaches rivers, they provide great sport on the fly rod. Swing streamers, dead drift nymphs, or gamble with dry flies. These fish will hit all of them out of aggression. From March through April, these fish are an excellent addition to an overland fly fishing adventure in Korea. Size ranges from 14 inches to 22 inches

Chum Salmon Oncorhynchus keta Found as far South as Masan, Kyeongseong Province, and as far north as S.Korea’s border with N. Korea in several slow-flowing rivers on Korea’s eastern coast. Korea’s chum makes an annual run from the Pacific each autumn around late September. Spawning is strictly controlled by hatchery officials with very few fish able to overcome barriers installed on streams. Local officials ban fishing as soon as the run begins. As a result, chum salmon guide service is on-demand and by request only. The window of opportunity is days long, and the arrival of salmon growing ever more unpredictable due to rising sea temperatures. For die-hard salmon anglers, a sturdy 8wt single or a 7wt or larger two-handed rod will get the job done. The average size of Chum salmon is 8 to 12 pounds with larger fish exceeding 15 pounds.

Rainbow Trout Oncorhynchus mykiss was Imported to Japan in the late 1800’s and to post-war South Korea in the 1960’s for aquaculture projects that continue to the present. Rainbow trout (Rainbows) have established fugitive populations in South Korea that can trace their lineage from an original egg stock from McCloud, River California parents. Korean bows. Several 20” + “hog” fish escape from fish farms and make for great sport on the 5wt. Wild fish are found at higher elevations and grow to a maximum of 16” in a mountain creek. Rainbows are extremely hard fighters and require delicate play on light tippets.

Manchurian Trout  Brachymystax lenok are a protected species of Salmonidae in South Korea. Angling is currently prohibited. Any lenok accidentally hooked on the fly must be released immediately. Although S.Korea’s lenok are designated as a living national monument, their habitat in Korea is being lost at an extraordinary rate. The DMZ is the last stronghold of these ancient salmonids. Korean lenok can exceed 28″ and vary in color and spotting. Despite their appearance, Lenok are not closely related to European brown trout Salmo trutta and are instead considered to be an ancient progenitor of today’s pacific salmon species. Korea’s lenok are potamodromous. Simply said, Korea’s lenok migrate biannually to reach their spawning grounds inside North Korea once in the spring and again move downstream to winter within S. Korea’s CCZ Civilian Control Zone.

2024 Rates

Rates & Pricing  

South Korea  Full day
All Inclusive Package Rates

Solo Angler $490.00 
Two Anglers $675.00



  • Terminal Tackle 
  • Guide Service & Instruction
  • Fuel, Taxes, Highway Tolls
  • Bottled water, soda, Gatorade
  • Morning coffee or tea
  • Local Transport & Transfers


Not Included 

  • Airfares, Train Tickets, Bus Fares
  • Rods, Reels, Waders, Boots 
  • Hotels, Meals, or personal travel expenses
  • Gratuities for guides or crew
  • Travel Insurance CFAR recommended
  • Security Deposit for loaner rods and reels



Terms & Conditions

Upfront Rate Guarantee

Save time & book directly with our guide & outfitter network. Your reservation comes with a comprehensive PDF planner designed to make your travel to and from the destination as easy as possible plus support from our team in Seoul, Korea. All rates are posted here are in USD and include taxes, fuel, and all meals, rods, reels & terminal flyfishing tackle.

Our rates are clearly posted with no hidden fees or other surprises. YES – We proudly offer Military & Veteran Discounts. Have a specific question about this trip? We’d love to hear from you and aim to get back with you within the day

Does Your Current Travel Insurance Policy Cover  “Cancel for Any Reason?”

If not we offer affordable 3rd party travel insurance from our trusted partners that include CFAR plans. We can advise you how to purchase a full coverage “cancel the trip for any reason” plans from our trusted partners at no additional cost to you. Protect your investment and enjoy peace of mind. In the case of an unexpected cancellation or medical emergency while abroad, travel insurance can save you thousands of dollars for a plan less than $20 per day – Ask us for more details about affordable insurance options in the contact form below


 Booking & Deposits

(South Korea) Full payment for trip is due (90)  calendar days from the confirmed start date of the trip to finalize the booking. If the client (s) are booking inside of 90 days, the total balance of the trip is due at the time of booking excluding rental gear or tackle. After invoice is emailed to client, client has (2) calendar days to complete payment. Trip dates will not be confirmed if payments are not completed within 48 hours. 

The following terms and conditions apply to all offers or trips organized or operated by Far East Outfitters, LLC (“Far East”) We encourage you to read through all terms and conditions carefully before sending deposits or making the final payment.

Clients who book trips, send deposits, or send final payments shall be considered acknowledged and aware that all clients involved have read and accepted and agreed to all the terms and conditions contained herein.

Cancellations & Refunds  

Far East Reserves the right to cancel trips due to extreme weather events and will offer to reschedule the trip or offer a full or partial refund pro-rated for time and services provided.

  • Far East shall not be liable for any nonperformance or delay in performance caused by any act or event beyond its reasonable control, including without limitation acts or omissions of Third Parties, unavailability of supplies or labor, equipment failure, war, protests, lock-outs, fire, flood, COVID-19 restrictions, earthquake, poor flight conditions (helicopter delays) hurricane, disease, epidemic, pandemic, plague, quarantine, any other Act of God, any law, regulation, ordinance, or other act or order of any court, government, or governmental agency. Should the client choose to completely cancel the trip and forfeit a one-time, no cost complimentary date chance, refunds will be issued according to the table below


South Korea / Far East Fly Fishing Co.

90+ Days  Cancellation 75% Balance Refund

89-31 Days Cancellation 50% Balance Refund

30-15  Days Cancellation 25% Balance Refund


No Refunds for trips canceled by the client 14 days before the start of the first day of the trip. Should Far East, the lodge, guide or outfitter cancel or postpone the trip, the client will receive 100% of their deposit / payments. Far East nor the operator is responsible for client (s) missed flights or transportation connections nor meal, hotel or travel expenses incurred due to missed or delayed transport connections. We strongly suggest protecting your investment with travel insurance in the event of a sudden cancellation or date change. – Cancellations Notification  – Clients must notify Far East their intent to cancel the trip in writing by email or call during business hours to start the reimbursement process


Loaner Rods & Security Deposits 

For any damaged rod, reel, or components thereof, a $90.00 Repair & Shipping Fee will be billed to the client. Cash security deposits of $90.00 per rod are required and to be given directly to the head guide at the start of the trip. Security Deposits will be returned on the last day of the trip. Minor scratches or cosmetic wear are not considered damaged. Damage is defined as non-functional, broken, splintered, or performance losses to said components. Aggressive or “power casting” small rods 2wt – 4wt rods is not recommended and may result in a damaged rod and forfeiture of deposit to cover repair and international shipping costs from the rod manufacturer.