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Russia Fly Fishing Trips Suspended

Russia Trips Suspended

From Russia No Love 3.22 2022

Russia offers some of the finest flyfishing in the world and is sadly no longer available. The invasion of Ukraine is abominable. However it’s essential to keep in mind that Russian citizens are not their government with the average Russian citizen taking the brunt of the blow from current sanctions.
The Iron Curtain Drops Again

Thoughts and prayers are with the people of Ukraine and also with our Russian partner guides and outfitters who have lost their livelihoods based on the decision of their leader.  All guided trips, expeditions, and wildlife research projects including the Kamchatka Steelhead Project have come to an abrupt end. Fly fishing travel has always been a great way to exchange cultures, ideas, and in a large part serves as a tool of citizen diplomacy. We look forward to the day that Russian aggression ceases completely in Europe and the wounds of war begin to heal.