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Fly Fishing Travel in Focus – Northern Mongolia’s Hucho Taimen – Photo Credits @Jeff Forsee

Mongolia Fly Fishing


Haunted By the River Wolf 

What is it like fighting a Mongolian Taimen?

There are a lot of missed hookups on topwater flies. The larger more experienced fish might tail-slap your fly, toss it around, before deciding to swallow it. Until then, you’ve got to keep your finger off the trigger. Wait for the swallow and set hard. If you miss the hookup, chances are these fish will return a second or perhaps a third time to take the fly.

These explosive strikes combined with an unpredictable fight on the fly rod challenge anglers to really “play the fish.” Yes, taimen do go airborne and can even tailwalk. They might go vertical on you. Be ready for a fight. When taimen go deep, you’ll feel the violent headshakes as it charges around the pool and back to the shallows. In the shallows be ready for a quick burst of power as the race around boulder gardens will require quick footwork for both the guide and angler. After you return home and go through the trip photos, you can’t wait to again next year. 


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